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Saturday, 06 November 2010


Michele Sheldon

This posting was truly "Inspiring". So many beautiful quilts. I must come in soon and show you my recent work.


I always save your blog for last so I can linger over the pictures. I go back to it when I really want some special inspiration. Question: Is there a pattern for the quilt with the birds? or is it just a genius quilter who made it up herself? I just bought MO2 today at Barnes and Noble along with Sew Charming and I can't wait to get under the covers and warm up with them. Looks like they both came out of the same publishing house.

Mary Helmke USA

Your blog is so Amazing. The creative you and your friends have is truly amazing. Such beautiful quilts. I really am happy that you share it on your blog. It brings me such pleasure to view. I recently received a gift. Your MO2 book and I love it....



I love your pics - they always inspire me to take another look at how different fabrics can be put together.

Is there a pattern for Chris' quilt - the one with the birds? Just gorgeous!

Barbara Cain

I want to come to Australia just so I can visit your shop!


Kath, susan's hexagon quilt is truly beautiful - all those colours speckled about.
.. and its great that Cheeky's ball co-ordinates with the rug so well - a better word is probably camoflages - just hope no one trips on it


Wow Kathy, what a post. Inspiration is....ABSOLUTELY! xo


Beautiful, beautiful quilts - I would love to know if there is a pattern for the bird applique?

Lulu Guinness

I have read your article.Article is very interesting,thanks for your sharing. I will necessarily add it in the selected works and I will visit this site.

Kim from The Netherlands

I have seen so many nice hexagon works for the blog. I would like to make some small work myself now to try. To cut like 20 pcs out of paper is good to do. I was wondering for big quilts, there must be over hundreds of hexagons, do normally all papers cut by hand? Or could you also buy them ready to use?

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