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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Genny Frazer

Desperately awaiting the release of this years blocks of the month...... hoping to see this really really soon!


Great post Kathy!


Loved reading the reasons you participate in the Sydney Quilt Show. As a country resident I am so excited to be able to experience a little of so many wonderful businesses. Can't wait to see it all next week.


Have a wonderful show, I hope it is ahu get success in every sense of the word, just sorry I can't be there


That ought to have read "a great success" , should have re- read before posting

Judy Dietrich

A quilt show is about community. It takes lots of volunteers behind the scenes, to make it work. Glad you are willing to support it. The idea that we are sometimes overloaded on media, is very interesting!!


Will see you there...


I can't wait for the show. It's my one week off a year where I just get to create and see creative people and be inspired by businesses - and friends - just like you. I've decided this will always be my thing - supporting one of my quilt guilds while also supporting the businesses that support it!


I always find new, exciting and inspiring things at this and other shows! It's a fantastic chance to see stunning quilts, and to visit all the different shops in one place..I just love it. I went to AQC in Melbourne this year, and even though I know there will be a few of the same quilts on show, it's a chance to see them again, and get inspired by all that will be there, so am looking forward to it. I really appreciate the effort you go to, to be there, thanks.

Lynn Walker

Nice to see pix of the show, no chance of me getting there from the rural Midlands of England! Love the quilt in the last photo of the post, is it possible to find the pattern?


All your reasons are great. I will be there this year and even if I don't purchase anything I will definitely come by your stand as just having a small chat with you is inspiring as well as seeing all the beautiful work that your team produce. Without people like you there would not be such great quilt shows to attend for those that are fortunate enough to do so. See you next week. Yahoo.


Great reasons !
It is also why we, as customer continue to come to patchwork's show!
1. We are not protected from having our creativeness boosted by all patchworks shown ! And from having real emotion in front of patchworks, even details only,
2. We are thankful to the organisators to let us discover such beauties .. and to commercial booth to exist and to try to present new project .. each year .. and for these reasons, we are happy to pay entrance and to buy fabrics .. at commercial booth ..
3. We are so happy to meet "sewing friends" .. at these show, that makes you feel this is a huge family!.. and these shows are the opportunity to be part of this family for a short time!
And all these shows give us the opportunity to travel! Sydney is quite too far .. but I already came to Tokyo Dome ..
Claire, french quilter !

cath babidge

Lyn walker quilt in last picture is Harriott by the wonderful Sue Cody...multiple prize winner at this years show. please find it on the MO website

Eileen Keane

Kathy, I'm in full agreement with all of your reasons. I love quilt shows! Just being in the presence of all that talent is inspiring.
I've been wondering for a while now-what do you think is the difference between Aussies and Americans when it comes to color/fabric choice? Your quilts look so alive when I scroll through your pics. Here, we seem to look more to history for ours. I'm not sure if I'm asking right, but I'd love to get your opinion.

Charlene in  PhxAz

Great post! I never can understand the - there is nothing new. As an artist every time you look at something you should see a new revelation. Having seen your gorgeous quilts in Phoenix and now seeing them in the book it is so exciting to know and be able to say oh! I touched that one in person. I can wander quilt shows for hours and get great ideas.

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