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Wednesday, 10 June 2009



Congratulations on the LOVELY quilts! For the Love of Gee's Bend looks like it was such fun to make! Kathy, your Kaffe Fanfare quilt is so elegant (yet fun), what a beauty! Sheena's entry is fantastic too (as is her outfit!)! Yes, yes, if a person wants quilt inspiration jam-packed in every post, this is the place! I still say that Aussie quilters are having more fun than anyone on the planet!

michelle mckillop

Good onya Kathy! Your stall looks ab fab, can't wait to visit when I fly in Friday (please don't sell everything before then!) And your Kaffe fans is truly striking, I'm always so inspired by your ideas and your terrific blog-well done!michelle


Keep us posted about the show. I'm coming next year (from Canberra).


Love all three quilts - especially the Gee Bends, and the Fan and Sheenas hexagons..... opps that's all of them ! Can't wait to make my way there and see it all first hand. Good luck and enjoy the hype and creativity.


Love seeing what is at the show - the quilts are great as is Sheenas outfit


Well K, I have enjoyed the pics of the quilt show and have emailed my daughter who is visiting and she has instructions to go SEE the quilt show.... she has had instructions each day she has been there, unfortunately there are a million things to do in OZ and she had made he list before consulting me. I agree with you that creativity begets creativity. I am sitting here sewing my grandma's star pieces. I don't do hand work, or rather I did not do hand work until I got these templates from looking at your blog and seeing some "on the wall". Pace yourself and come back soon.


Hi Kathy! I saw those three quilts today at the show and they were fantastic! I loved them all. I also saw a few others that had your 'style', would that have been made by your students perhaps?

I just want to say thank you for taking your time to talk to me today. It is really nice to go to the show and talk to the people we admire and them have the time to chat back.

I have unrolled my 10X25cm bundle of fabrics and they are unreal! I only wish I had had more money to spend to buy more, but at least I kept to my budget! Your store was the only one I purchased from!

Thanks again for your tips, I will try the nosegay block out tomorrow night!

Sam (the girl in the pink scarf you sold the nosegay templates to!).

Sarah W

Gee I loved the show today. It was good to see the zig zag quilt for real- I have admired it for so long on line! Also saw you great quilt among the other amazing creations- well done! My eyes were so sore by the end of the day! Must try my new ruler...


Love seeing the show through your eyes--looking forward to more photos should you get a chance...Your quilt is wonderful! Sally

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