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Thursday, 06 August 2009



I csn't wait and the pretty pastel does look really pretty!
Hugs - Lurline♥


There are some very lovely ideas up there! Love the bag, those leaves are so beautiful in the different fabrics.

Those dolly quilts are a lot of fun. Nice, quick and refreshing.


Hope the weather holds up in here in the USA. I will be going to my mailbox NOW to await my Block of the Month! I'm so excited. Hope hubby remembers to cover me at night.


I love the stitching around the leaves on the bag. That yellow really brings them out.

The blue flannel quilt is giving me ideas about one I'm planning for my friends' son. Those flowers (if they're flowers) also look rather like gears. hmm.

(This is my first time checking out the blog after reading the first book. Beautiful stuff!)


I love the little bird piece. Is there a kit available for it?


I really would like to participate in the dolly quilt club. How do I join?

candy grisham

I can't find the info or the link to for the Sue Ross block of the month. I got my packet but a friend wants to sign up. Thanks

Gregg Grisham

Hi Candy, From China, you and Tom are hard to connect with; the Great Chinese Firewall! I love your craft and admire the dedication. Send me a note to Changzhou, China where I am the Director of Foreign English teachers. Starting my second year here. I hope all is well.

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