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Monday, 03 August 2009



Looks like tonnes of fun had by all Kathy! I'm excited that my life will be entwined in the MO fun this week - my first class tonight! Had to force the Mr to cancel his early travel plans so that I could at least make it to the first class!


Thank goodness I know when the BOM will start arriving...the postman thinks I am stalking him! Glad to hear your boy is safely home...he is growing into a lovely young man.


What a handsome guy! So glad the BOM will be starting soon. I've been checking regularly for news on the start date and was so excited this morning that the time has finally come. Yipee!


Great to see your son and his friends back home safely.


Oh yes, Sue Ross Bom I'm hanging out for it, thanks so much for the update. It must be so lovely to have Oscar and his mates home again. I love hearing about travel tales, you could almost imagine that you had been there with them. don't you think the middle marching guy in red and big hat looks as though he is saying 'now where did I leave my gun, I'm sure I had it this morning?' Love the free circle blocks, I would come for a sleepover at mo!! xo


So glad Oscar is home safe and sound, Kathy! Five weeks -- I can't even imagine. But that's what growing up and away is, so I'll have to get there some day too. The curves class looks like great fun!

Jan JW in UK

Awww... I am looking forward to seeing the BoM's appearing on everyone's blogs, I am sure it is going to be fabulous.
Welcome back to your great guys - glad they survived with their rugby shorts in France, oh la la!


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