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Saturday, 29 May 2010



Im reading your blog from NJ USA , I just sat down to browse Kaffe's new book with a cup of coffee yesterday and very much enjoyed it. I have almost all of his books and I have to say in answer to the question concerning fabrics and color, and old gals, My grandmother is 94 yrs old and was a very conservative person and seamstress most of her life. When she saw my Kaffe fabric colection I also gave her the option of the civil war 1800s repros collection to choose from in order to make her garments, she chose Kaffes'and wanted nothing subdued in color. She said now this!! , is the ONE !!!!!!put that other ugly stuff away LOL !

Kaffe is unique in his colors, fabric design
and boldness, it captures a part of our minds we tend to fear showing in us..


Great post, Kathy. I will have to read it a few times to soak up everything said.

lyn lindsay

I'll join Kaffe too in applauding you Kathy and your Material Obsession participants, what a great compliment to have Kaffe say that about your store.
Congratulations, and as alwyas thanks for your blog, you always inspire.
Have a great week.

Michelle Whyte

I have read this blog quite a few times. The post reminds me of the saying 'stop and smell the roses'. I love quilting,the feel of the fabric and the excitement of the design and the anticiption of the creation. Life has been hectic at my house lately and reading this post just reminded me to stop and smell the roses :). So today I am going to put aside all the hassle, get out some fabric and play.

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