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Monday, 13 December 2010



All sounds sooo exciting. I think 2011 is going to be even better than 2010. Thanks for A great year!


I LOVE your last picture!! My son always says 'Keep it real, Mom.' Best wishes for 2011. I look forward to all the amazing inspiration you post for us on your blog.

Chris Jurd

Congratulations on the US teaching - how exciting to be playing with the big kids!
Love your blog and read each post with great interest.
Happy Xmas to you and yours.


Kathy I love your 'honest' self portrait! The sweat marks, the tousled hair, the slightly run mascara - I love it all!! Keeping it real is a great motto - and quite Australian too I think!! I am so looking forward to meeting with you at SIT in March '11 - I need some of that MO quilty magic to rub off on me!

Merry Christmas!!


Love this post Kathy and I am also a fan of keeping it real. I agree with the above poster very much a Busy Aussie look. Have we found a new genre in fashion? lol
Exciting stuff coming in 2011 wish I didn't live so far away in W.A


well that is exciting news!!!!! oh I have always wanted to go to that quilt show hmmm taking a class with the MO team may just be the reason to go this year!

oh my goodness LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that new bom! just a beautiful quilt.



That BOM has me drooling. I am looking at my calendar to see if I need tickets to Australia or Oregon in order to see you. Karmen


Oh, you are so pretty any way you do!
I'd like to hear the story of how you got from watches to fabric,interesting stretch. : )

Lovely tree, even undecorated.


What did you eat this morning? This post is way beyond the usual super post of MO.

Why don't I live in Ozz on Thursday and Fridays?

Have always wanted to do Sisters the week of the hanging.... MUST MUST MUST figure out a way to get there THIS year....

Then there is the BOM. Promised myself no more Oz BOM the exchange is the pits...and with the China cotton failure cost is only going to get bigger.... but it sure is tempting.. tempting.... tempting....

Have a good one.


Kathy, you do a wonderful job keeping it all together, producing great ideas and making these ideas, inspirations and opportunities accessible for all of us. I appreciate your hard work and amazed at your stamina. Now I can see 'behind the scenes' through your blog. Good on you for showing it how it is. Now we all feel normal!


oh wow, you're going to sisters, I so do envy you
and the new BOM, that's terrific, I think I have to join that one too, can't help myself, really

wish you a merry and relaxing x-mas and a bright and successful new year


Oh! You will adore Sisters!! Hope I can get in your class!! It is the most fun a quilter can have!! The shop is so fresh and fun people are helpful, fun loving and talented....the scenery is incredible and omgosh you are going to teach!! Awesome!! That is one glorious BOM!! Your new year seems intense but well deserved. Your talent will be a legacy in the quilting world! Pam :)

Diane Côté

What? Am I the only one to pick-up about MO3? Are you really in the process of writing a third Material Obsession book? I read your blog religiously and do not recall you mentioning about a third book. Maybe I read too much into "The quilt project hosting these bits and pieces needs to be finished for MO 3...."
As to your teaching assignment on this continent, this is great news! Will have to check into Sisters, OR once again.
Diane Côté


2011 will be so exciting for you Kathy!

Mary Helmke USA

Oh! I'm so excited!! I'd love to take a class from you. And your bring the girls.. you'll have a great time. You are on a amazing journey. Don't you just love doing what makes you happy and being able to share your talent with others?


Kathy, I just love that innocent look on your dog's face. What a cutie? I am not surprized those Yankees are trying to lure you back, but you are ours now arn't you. I have told you before and I will again 'you are a legend'. Your creativity and enthusiasim for quilting is just so exciting. Just love MG's BOM.


Marcelle Clark

Hey Kathy ...what a wonderfully exciting year ahead for you and MO! Congrats on the US teaching day I'll get to come and play in your shop!

Piecefully, Pam

OK, Kathy, you're killing me. It has been one of my dreams to come to Sisters Oregon for their Quilt Show. You told me some weeks/months ago you were going to be teaching there...and, I think I'm going to DO it. I am in the planning phase and feel giddy joy over the possibly of attending the Show AND taking a class with you!!! (will Jason Mraz be there too...?!) Anon!


the show looks really interesting .
the varity of colors adds an amazing fun ..
old textile is really a mirror to see our past generations ,, if we know how to use and preserve it means we are connected to our anstors which left us a great treasure ..

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