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Thursday, 03 March 2011



OMG, I laugh ... sorry ... It seems the telephone companies are the same all over the earth ! Here in France, our national France Télécoms are like your Telstra and i had some "funny" conversations with them. Some days after, everything OK. No comment. Hope it will soon be good for you.


No surprise there ! Telstra :)


"Thankyou for calling Telstra...if you would like to report a problem press the hash button and hang up now because we really don't want to know about it."

Hope your mobving pains are resolved soon

cath babidge

well said kate...when its good its very good and when its bad its very very BAD...a pox on telstra


ACK!!! that is a pain it the , you know what! SORRY TO HEAR!!! Your flower pics are drop dead gorgeous! ;-)

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This is correct. Two sources confirmed it yesterday but for obvious reasons they cannot be revealed. Fred was NOT on the show this morning. WMAL is trying to keep this on the down low because they don't want anyone to know that they did this because they were intimidated by CAIR.pilipalagaga 0304


well, at least telstra is consistent, consistently bad and unreliable!!!


i drove past old MO last week, & it was so strange to see straight in the windows & out the other side. I'm BUSTING to get to the new shop & have a look, so see you soon


Ha! Enough said... I feel for you,I have enough to write a (comedy) book about my dealings with Telstra over the past 7 years - unfortunately where I live there is no alternative! Hope things improve real soon! BTW NEVER call after 6pm - I have it on authority from a staff member that's when the call centre goes offshore...

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I apologize to all of you that are trying to call the shop for directions, for info on the classes or just to say hi. We keep telling them the lines aren't working on site and they keep telling us they are...hmmmm but even our electrical technician who made an emergency off hours visit said that NO...the lines are NOT...connected. So, Telstra, if you are out there and not in a foreign country telling us that our lines are right please ring me. Oh, sorry, you can't.

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Is really very happy! Here to see it, it is so handsome, I never thought I would see the reality so close to see it

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How funny to see you all sitting there is your winter garb!!!
Can you believe a year ago today I was like a cat on a hot tin roof ready to board the 'plane!!!
Cath can't return - I need to see her tomoz for a cuppa!!!
And pleeeeze put me on the BOM list if I'm not there already!

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Cath can't return - I need to see her tomoz for a cuppa!!!

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