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Thursday, 31 March 2011



Oh how I would love to visit your shop.. A little out of my neighborhood, as I live in a small town in Tennessee. I am making your quilt featured in the latest Quilters Newsletter ~ Pheasantville, and Bluebirds and Happiness from Material Obsession2..I'm one of those with QADHD..I have to have a couple things going at the same time.. Always look forward to your post.


Kathy - that dress suits you to a T!!!

Patti Parks

I love the dress!
Could I ask what pattern you used to make it by?


I'm loving seeing all the Kaffe quilts coming in.

In case you can't find those details, your dress was made by Anna from Polly Pratt


I was just going to comment on the dress, too! I love it! Thanks for the link, Michelle :)

Diane Côté

I especially liked Robyn's rendering of the Kaffe's pattern for her personal interpretation. It reminded me of a collection of paintings and photos, creatively organized on a wall: each individual work of art and yet a collective work of art all the same. Great work! And, I too, loved the dress!
Diane Côté, Montréal

Becky et al.

Great dress by Polly Pratt, I love them a lot!

Mama Spark

The quilts are wonderful, as always but that dress!!! I neeeeed one like that!! Where does one find them?

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nancye stoffregen

hello we are trying to find hodge podge crayola material to make curtians do you have this fabric?

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I'm happy I found this blog ! It's very good and thank you for sharing it !



I am trying to get the fabric Hodge Podge color name is Crayola to make window panels. Do you know where I can find it?

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