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Monday, 28 March 2011



Great post Kathy, keeping it real! Yes, the nurturing of children simply takes on a different set of worries as time passes. It certainly doesn't take less time as they get older! This is such a wonderfully encouraging post to see a group of women, all with busy lives, families and businesses, taking some time out to get together and enjoy each other's company & creativity. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. It is nice to know I am not the only one struggling to find creative time in amongst the choas! My favourite photo: the one of the girls and their hexagons - such concentration! My favourite thought: you keeping it quiet that your son was off in Newtown earring shopping! Hey, he could be doing far worse, it's all relative! Have a great week.


We all got to the airport just fine! We even had time for lunch and a leisurely coffee and browse at the bookstore. Shall send you my photos now (they might be a little large though - let me know if it doesn't get through and I will post the (blog friendly ones) on Flickr for you to download from there.

lyn lindsay

Thanks Kathy great to see such 'worker bees' gathering, good for the soul...have a great week.



Kathy - we all had such a wonderful time on Sat at SIT with your huge all-day effort - and the special opening and all the attention we received on the Sunday morning was fantastic!!!

Can we bottle you and your shop and bring you down to Melbourne?

Lots of us remember you crying out " We need a retreat!" and we all cheered YES!!!


You've written such a lovely wrap up of the day and your photos are a great reminder of who was there and what they were working on ( I forgot to take photos I was so obsessed with the top I was piecing!)It was lovely to meet you after all this time.


Thanks so much for summing up the day so beautifully. We had a wonderful time and you really are inspirational Kathy. Your expertise, knowledge, and passion are very much appreciated.


What a fantastic write up Kathy - Lovely to meet you on Saturday. Yes, our little ones will soon grow up and we will have different things to worry about:)


We did have fun didn't we!

Glad to hear you did too. Many thanks.

Candy Walker

Hi Kathy, Love your quilt in QNM. I was busy looking at the complexity of the one on P60 but when I turned the page I went 'wow' and then looked at your picture, hey! I know her - ha ha. So here I am back at your blog to catch up. Congrats on the shop move, looks very homey. Love the wrap for the Sydney show - will have to think about a visit. Keep up the great work, you are indeed very lucky to be surrounded by what you love - on bolts and on legs! Candy x


Great post Kathy. I was so disappointed I missed out on your demonstrations. It was such a fun day wasn't it. Trying not to hide under the table now...


Kathy, Thank you for taking the time and sharing your talent with us last weekend.

LOVE all of your quilts..


I must come and check out your new shop!!!


I loved your comment about having something "going in a corner to pick up when you need a moment to find yourself". Very insightful and wonderful to know I am not alone with teenagers, laundry and projects.


Thank you so much for having us Kathy, and for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom, you truly are a very inspiring lady. Look forward to seeing you again in the future!


How funny to see you all sitting there is your winter garb!!!
Can you believe a year ago today I was like a cat on a hot tin roof ready to board the 'plane!!!
Cath can't return - I need to see her tomoz for a cuppa!!!
And pleeeeze put me on the BOM list if I'm not there already!

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