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Monday, 21 March 2011



What a blissful way to start a gloomy sky Monday! Words and photos for inspiration. Merci!

I love this blog--I stumbled on it about a month ago, and if your quilts, color/pattern combinations, and prose weren't enough, your energy kind of springs off the pages. And it seems there is just no frumpy quilting going on on your big island. Some day I hope to come there to your shop--Sara

lyn lindsay

Kathy I'm so inspired, aren't they clever creatives, no aren't they free creatives, love the cushions part of the story and recognise some of the fabric, oh how I'd love to be near the mountains again, I'm missing my Southern heritage...especially with the humidity still draining us in Brisbane. Thanks Kathy a good post, what a lovely group of ladies.
Lyn - Brisbane

Meg Hamilton

Great feast for the eyes! One of your best skills is a real knack for finding that little twist on something that makes it totally unique and fresh...seeing all of these new fabric combos and designs just lit up my brain this morning. I loved the antique flags....I've got, of all things, a commemorative tea towel from Will and Kate's wedding that is just begging to be turned into some sort of kitschy, Brit-themed piece of fun! Will post a photo with whatever result I get:)


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