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Sunday, 03 April 2011



Funny...I felt more rested today too...mind over matter really, or a reprieve from ANOTHER early start! If only everyone in the world stitched...there would be less angst, depression & argument as we would all appreciate the view of another. Perhaps...


It is so sad that issues in our nation are so polarised but the good thing is we are able to talk about them. Our little quilting group has all shades of political opinions but we discuss what it means for us and our families. And on another note, I have looked at that V&A 50's book and missed the geese. I will have to go back again because I love those geese.


I read evrey one of your posts and in nearly every one see or read something to ponder. I think that todays post was the most thought provoking...............


Interesting post. I wondered where you were going and it all made sense in the end. Thanks for sharing.

Meg Hamilton

I loved the geese quilt so much that I immediately got online and ordered the book from the V&A. Thanks so much for sharing the design inspiration. Good luck this year as "Captain Mom" -- I'm sure you're up for it! xo

cath babidge

captain mum indeed! maybe we need a sign on the supports the earth...tread lightly all who come here...great blog k

Michelle @ The Crafty Little Fox

Whether we are quilters with a shop or a mother who suddenly has her own mother too look after on top of her already busy life we all wonder whether we are up to the job. I know that I do. However we have to just keep trying and be the best we can be, accept when we can't do everything to the standard that we want and just be happy. If our families are good ones they love us all the same whether we are fabulously on top of it all or not. It is the effort that should be appreciated.
As for a green earth... I wish that the world was like it was when you and I were children. Our food is different and even our furniture is throw away. Sigh... I hope that our children learn and improve the care of our planet better than we have.

Kathy Doughty

Hi, I just spent a while at your blog. Love the Black Beauty tapestry. If I had seen ones like that when I was a horse crazy youngster I would have picked up a needle. I also loved the video of the lady and the car. How often I want to smack a car! I had a conversation almost exactly like that with the check out chick at woolies today. My neighborhood used to be quiet and nicely off the beaten track. Now they are building high rises every corner and everyone has a freaking car. I bought a bus ticket today so I can escape! Thanks for your comment...kathy

Ann you make me think. maybe Material Philosophy should be the name of your blog/shop. You also make me smile. Many of your comments struck so close to home. Is it because we are close in age, kids, long marriages, OK I'm a teacher not a shop owner so not the same professions, but still there is a kindred spirit thing in your thinking and mine. Thanks Kathy I so enjoyed your blog today.


that gray quilt is fabulous!!! LOVE every inch of it... Always loaded with inspiration... I like the world you live in!


Oh Dear, I hate to do this to you but I love a bit of politics...... growing, processing, bleaching,dyeing, printing and transporting the cotton we all use everyday in our HOBBY, is one of the most environmentally damaging things that happens on this planet.
It takes 30,000 cubic metres of water to produce a ton of cotton. Plus the use of pesticides and fertilizers, some of which are proven carcinogens, You should be washing your fabric not just your apples.
The resultant pollution in the cotton growing countries, means their rivers are whatever colour they happen to be dyeing the fabric that day.
All of this we condone by buying and creating a market for cotton.

I'm not an 'Greenie', I do not believe in global warming. I do however, have a degree in environmental science.
If you're worried about the future for your children, you may want to reconsider how you spend your time and money.


hello, i just found your site. i love your book!!!! xxxx angelina

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Cath can't return - I need to see her tomoz for a cuppa!!!
And pleeeeze put me on the BOM list if I'm not there already!

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