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Wednesday, 09 November 2011



This may be a repeat because I think I forgot to put in the secret code. I absolutely love, love, love the freshness of this quilt. A great use of Kaffe's fantastic stripes. And the quilting is just right for it. Thanks for showing the detail. But, the thought of all those quarter square triangles is daunting. What method did you use.

Looking forward to seeing it in the issue of Quilter's Companion.


WOW! That is one fabulous quilt. I love the colors, the stripes, the quilting. Great job.


An awesome quilt and I love Kaffe´s fabric
And all the triangles, what a job, but they made the quilt to be outstanding.


Ahh Kathy this is eye popping gorgeous!!! I will def be on the hunt for that mag next year I have to make one. Fabulous quilting too. xo

Ineke Marijnissen

Wow what a beauty
Ineke Marijnissen Holland


Fantastic quilt - need to make this one

Jane S.

What a happy quilt! The colors, the movement -- I just love it!


The quilting is what would keep me up at night, studying its intersections with the stripes...

Sal x

That is gorgeous Kath. Inspiring post as always. Sal x


Kathy, it's absolutely wonderful! So colorful and so interesting. So unexpected. It's perfect.


Wow! I really love the way this turned out and the quilting is perfect for it. Not too little and not too much.

Elizabeth E.

Just finished a stack of grading and lesson prep and turned to my quilty blogs for some relief. And the first one up is yours, with this absolutely beautiful quilt! Is the first one for your next book (grin)? I love everything about it and like you, I really don't like over-quilting, so this is just lovely.

Perfect!! First a wild and woolley 21st birthday party and now this!


I absolutely LOVE this quilt.Delicious. Divine. Looks good enough to eat. Kathy you really have sooo much talent. So inspiring following your creativity. I am going to have to quilt in my sleep and live to be really really old to finish everything on my wish list. Thankyou for showing us the beautiful work that is going on out there.


This quilt is a festive burst of happy laughter! The quilting is so spot on! I love the name too!!


Stripes are growing on me, but what I absolutely love is how it was quilted. Very good choices. I especially like how the quilting motif crosses over the pattern on the fabric, it creates another dimension.


Oh wow, what a stunning quilt!


Love this bold stunning quilt!

Patsy from California

Simplicity and boldness combined in one quilt. Love your comment about overquilting. This is perfection.


Lovely. lovely, lovely, the fiesta lives on!!

Debbie Guihot

Just the most amazing quilt.I want to cut fabric up right now.Its what I call a happy thoughts quilt. You can't not have happy thoughts when you look at it.

Maureen from Ventura

I love everything about this quilt! The color change in the stripes makes it even more interesting!


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