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Friday, 17 February 2012



Hey, that's me smiling with my crown!!!!!!! And yes the fear fell away so easily with the clear and calm directions of Chris. A whole new world is now before me and I am not afraid anymore. I keep looking at my block and smiling and saying "WOW, I DID THAT, IT LOOKS SOOO GOOD". My points are sharp and it sits flat! happy


Woohoo! Look at all those fabulous Beauties!!

Cath b

Definitely anyone out there who has a fascination with those new York beauties should see Chris Jurd. I may have been concentrating hard but now I get it and my blocks are a thing of beauty! Go see them, they are in the hall at the shop!

Elizabeth E.

How wonderfully lovely is that opening smile, with a "crown" of New York Beauty points on her head. Terrific! This is one of these blocks where the points make all the difference, and to see all the class blocks lined up in a serpentine is just divine. Thanks for a pick-me-up today!

Elizabeth E.

Michelle G

Fantastic work!

Might want to check the dates - 15th March is actually a Thursday. (just in case someone was confused) Would love to come to a class but am too far away.

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I always am a bit freaked out at the start of these classes as it is to me a serious responsibility.

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