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Friday, 03 February 2012


Sally Ickes

Interested? You bet. Please add my name for both. Sally


Please, please please add me too for both! Susannah


The chair defintely makes a statement!!

France in April? That should be a load of fun!!


I'd like my name down for both books as


Absolutely! Put me on the list for yours.

Kathy Doughty

Thanks, you are on the list! Kathy

Michelle Hartshorn

Wow! Those chairs are to die for....


Kathy, I love your posts. The english paper pieced blocks are stunning! Do you know if both books will be released in the US soon? Thank you for so much eye candy :)


Love the chairs! You could always respond to Reece with, "the chair will increase in value, especially if the artist becomes famous, and the car won't"
As far as finding peace, sometime letting go of controlling chaos you can find peace. I find that trying to keep a lid on the chaos of my three little kids is more exhausting than letting it whiz by.
And finally is your book being released in Canada at the same time as Australia? (FYI your last one was released 6 months later)


Hi Kathy

Please put my name for Bridgitte Giblins book please :)

Margaret Allan

Hi Kathy,
I've already emailed you to go on the list for your book. I hope your Dreamcatcher is in it? It's stunning - and manages to hold its own even with that gorgeous little distraction taking the foreground!
Please add me to the Brigitte Giblin list too.


Hi, may I go on the list for both books please. Penny

Patsy from Cali

Hi Kathy, please add me to the list for both books - thanks. Those chairs are to die for! I would love to try something like that with a thrift store or yard sale find and some Alexander Henry fabric...hmmm.

Deborah Lynagh

Hi Kathy, May I please join the growing list for copies of both books? The chairs are fabulous! I do admire your self control regarding the 'newness' of the concept. Such a strength must lead down the "inner peace" path somehow, don't you think? Regards, Deborah.


Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Guild meeting.


Love those chairs!
I just think of Parisienne Chic!


Yes please, one of each and signed would be just lovely. Congratulations to you both! Cheers, Meredithe


that's fantastic news, I hope being able to come to nantes and have both books signed overthere

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I loved your talk and seeing photos of your quilts amongst the Aussie landscape was such beauty.

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I always am a bit freaked out at the start of these classes as it is to me a serious responsibility.

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