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Saturday, 18 February 2012


amelia peck

yes. that last grouping speaks to me also!

Judy Murdoch


Loved this entry, the fabrics at an ealier time would not interest me, but, my sister gave me Material Obessesions 1 and 2, I
drool over the books. I come to see different things in fabric because of the books. The bays of quilt fabric make me feel I want to dive into them and swim around and see what I come out with they are just YUM. Thanks for the link to your friend Kathy, I love her thoughtfulness, I can see how you can get out of the chaos of doing, doing, doing, by simmple standing still in my mind, intsead of letting the winding up continue, hope I can make it work.


It is so funny because I pondered how you would sleep with all those ideas and wonderful colors bouncing around your brain!?


I love to come to your blog for stimulation. Your store must be beautiful!! I love to see all the creations happening! I wish some day I could come to your store and be in a class with all your creative quilters.


Ooooh, what lovely fabric. I wish I could visit your shop, but alas, I'm all the way over here in Holland, so it's not possible. :o(!!!!!!

sandra fletcher

I need to win lotto so i could visit the store and spend to my hearts content.The colours are fantastic and Margret Sampson has changed a lot to.


Hi Kathy, I haven't seen this film, but it was featured in the newspaper so I took a look at the website. I thought of you.


PS I love Marg's circle. I AM coming to visit. Arrive in Sydney on 7/3 so will have to find out best day to visit and some instruction to get over from Darling Harbour. Coming to see the Picasso's.


Does Marge sleep? she sure sews pretty complex type shapes....

Arena .... we will see....

Not sure about this reissue of fabric especially by a designer who sold her fabric to a big box store here in the states... hits me a tad "off".

Not a problem as there are so many new things to drool ....

I am almost caught up with BLOGS!!!

have a bright day

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