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Thursday, 01 March 2012



Happy Birthday! What a great trip down memory lane, I did love the big hair and acid washed demin!


Happy birthday.........have a great day........


Beautiful post...happy birthday!


All birthdays are milestones!!!! Happy Birthday


Happy birthday Kathy - may it be a good one

Sally Ickes

what a nice tribute to your growth as a person, parent and shop owner. I'm so glad to be following you along the way and looking forward to what lies ahead for both of us.


Lovely Post. Happy Birthday for today xx


Happy Birthday Kathy! Many Happy Returns.

Have a wonderful day.

Thank you for the memories in your post.


What a lovely reflection on a full and interesting life! Happy birthday, Kathy. May you enjoy many more.


Happy Birthday Kathy! Thank you so much for the memory tour and insightful post. What a wonderful life you've made for yourself. I was somewhat younger than you in the 80's but... True confessions... Sometimes I miss the big hair and the risk taking!

Sue Sally

Happy Birthday Kathy,

Loved that photo of you and Larry Bud...., I'm envious, enjoy your day !!!!
Sue Sally

Lorraine Gray

Happy Birthday ....I love having one of those reflective moments ....but it shows how time just goes
Lorraine from
Sunny Blueys Beach NSW


Happy Birthday dear Kathy! Oh I love your time travels...I understand so much of it from my own memories :) I still have my two swatch watches...and I pushed many a limit." Ah but I was so much older then I'm younger than that now"" xoxo pam

Jan R

Have a great 'rest of birthday' :-)

Raylene Richardson

Happy, happy birthday Kathy-enjoy your day and thanks for your inspiration and encouragement as we read your blog re the infinite world of creating via quilts.


I have rarely posted though I have been reading the blog for a long time now.
Happy Birthday ;-)
I'll be happy to meet you in one of your class in Nantes.

Bronwyn Gosling

Happy birthday Kath - many more to come -loved the photos - Bron


Thank you so much for this post, and for every word you wrote in blog or books.
A happy happy happy birthday to you!


Happy Birthday Kathy,
have a beautiful day! Love your old photos and your writing.


Happy Birthday! It is an exciting and fantastic story - thank you for sharing your milestones!



Happy Birthday Kathy!

I too fell in love with a handsome Australian and packed up and moved to the other side of the world. The things we do for love :)


Happy Birthday, and congrates at taking moving to a new country and conquering the differences so well. I too have moved from overseas, so lovely to share each blog with you and get lots of inspiration. luv it, keep on.too far away to get to your classes, so good you share so much with us.


Happy birthday!!!! A great day to reflect on the life that you have led!!! You don't know me, but I love reading your blog, love reading your thoughts and ramblings. Love your work and photos of your work!!! Thank you

Pia Merete Hansen

Happy birthday Kathy ... Interesting and funny to read your thoughts ... (I am turning 53 in August and have 3 children... I think a lot too about life and turning older...) I think you can be proud of yourself and what you have achieved. Kind regards from Denmark :-)


Happy birthday! I enjoy reading your post. You are such a creative person and always have inspiring quilts to show.

Pia Merete Hansen

BTW Kathy It is still the 1 of March here in Denmark soooo it is still your birthday ;-) / Pia


Happy birthday Kathy!!! I hope you had a fantastic day!!


Aww! loved your reflections in pics. Happy Birthday! wishing you many more to come.
Love your blog.


Happy Birthday Kathy! Lovely post. There are many milestones for this day. I am soooo glad you added MO to the mix.

Chris Goodall

Happy Birthday Kathy. And Happy birthday for the shop! I wish I was up that way to to drop into the shop


Happy birthday for yesterday, hope you had a lovely day!

Kim McLean

Happy Birthday Kathy!! Well done on MO too, Kim McL


Happy Birthday to you Kathy and to the shop. I always enjoy reading your reflections.


Happy Birthday.

Kathy Doughty

Thank you for taking a moment to contact me. It is a huge bonus having the blog and being able to connect with people. Enjoy your quilting experiences! Kathy


Belated happy birthday wishes Kathy, and I also send you many hugs and happy thoughts for the year ahead. Although I only know you though the magic of cyberspace, I feel a growing connection with you as we share the same birth year, and the joys of raising sons (my five, your three).
Sometimes I wonder if my quilting/fabric world is my version of Mother-daughter adventures....what do you think?


Congratulations!!! Happy Birthday and Anniversary! And everything in between. I have really enjoyed your thoughts, writing and visual encouragement through your blog, quilts and books. Thank you for inspiring, because there are days that I need a healthy dose of it more than once.

Sujata Shah

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on all your achievements and best wishes for many more to come!


happy birthday kathy!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and an even better year filled with all sorts of great surprises:)

Hope you don't mind that I re-posted one of your photos on Facebook -- the yoga pose by Sydney Harbour is just too great not to send it viral;) xo Meg

Marie Cheesman

Happy, Happy B-Day! I'm only about a year behind you on the age thing so it was fun to read the parallels in our lives. What a wonderful, imaginative and colourful life you have had so far - here's to lots more of that!

Ulla's Quilt World

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

candy grisham

Happy Birthday a few days late. thank you for all you share. Candy


Happy belated birthday Kathy. Many more wonderful years. I am coming to Sydney soon and hope to stop by MO and see the new store. I was there the day you were moving last year.Have a great year!

Candy Walker

Same from another Candy x


Happy birthday!

Elizabeth E.

Happy Belated Birthday, as I am just now getting to reading some blogs. You have had an impact on how I see quilting, and have had an influence on many choices I've made, fabric-wise. I'm glad to get this retrospective of your journey. I wish you many more happy years of both quilting, and being with your family.

Elizabeth E.

Sharon van de Zand

Dear Kathy

Thank you for sharing that with us & I hope you had a truly lovely birthday! 58 was obviously a great year as my husband was born then as well. I only took up sewing & quilting just over 2 years ago after a serious operation & a few other health hiccups. The quilting side of things helped me through many a tough hour, I have made many new friends because of it. Best of all I have seen another side of some of my colleagues as some of them are also avid quilters which I never knew! I've worked in the same school for 23 years (admin) & I'm still learning something new everyday. I LOVE QUILTING & I LOVE THE FABRICS THE COLOURS & THE FRIENDS - HOW TOTALLY LUCKY ARE WE!!!

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