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Monday, 02 April 2012



OH! OH! OH! I LOOOOOVE Chris's quilt, particularly the baskets. A basked quilt has been on my TO DO list for a while now but this takes the thinking in an entirely new direction. Thank you for sharing!

p.s. I just picked up Material Obsession 2 a week ago and cannot get my nose out of it. Talk about things that I need to add to this list!!!!

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Your shop seems to have the magical ability of creating inspired and I am going to say it - tasteful - works, I always love to check in and get inspired by your endless energy.


Wow! Chris's quilts are just amazing! Priceless works of art!


Fantastic these quilts, love the colours! Looking forward seeing you in Nantes! Regards, Elsbeth


Just beautiful quilts! What a lovely process occurs at MO...teachers sharing, students absorbing & creating, and then the sharing of new creations. Stunning!

Jenny M

Congratulations to Chris on completing those AMAZING quilts. I am just wowed by the colours and the fact that she has produced 2 would take me a lifetime to complete one!

Barbara Craxton

" Beam me over,Scottie"

Sharon van de Zand

Chris totally awesome quilts, the dedication and work that goes into these is inspirational! Well done girl! Gives me something to aspire to:) The blog page of Material Obsession always reminds of a big happy family when I see photos of these busy women working away, but having fun at the same time! Today I walked into a small patchwork shop not far from home, it was crammed with the most amazing colours and excitement, but it was what was contained in the back room that drew me, a big table full of ladies & young girls altogether happily quilting & patching away oblivious to customers coming and going, so intent where they! That is something special also!


I am continually amazing and in awe of the work that your friends/customers produce. This post shows amazing creativity and workmanship, Hats off to your group of friends. Seeing this work makes me want to travel across the world and spend a few hours sitting in your shop, magical!

Elizabeth E.

I've been off the web for a bit and am WAY behind in my addiction to your blog. So I'm working my way through things--but this one stopped me in my tracks. I love those quilts by Chris and how fortunate we all are to have you show us! Thank you so much!


Chris' quilts are stunning!! Does she stop to eat? :) Is Chris a teacher and does she ever come over to the States to visit?

I think there is magic in your shop and I want some!!

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