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Thursday, 10 May 2012



OH BOY!!! Can't wait to get a copy of this!!! Congratulations Kathy!

Tonya Ricucci

congrats!!!! very exciting. I'd just been thinking I needed to make a Wheel of Fortune quilt but was dreading making templates.

Bronwyn Ugonotti

I'm with Pam can't wait and well done to you Kathy (and John) you are both an inspiration for us all.


I thought the "time" would never get here... and yet you are shipping books... hard to decide if I buy now and pay more in shipping than the book....or wait until the book reaches the far far shores of Texas... great to see you having so much fun with this new tome.


Congratulations! How exciting!! it is nice to see a photo of your other half too:)


Just ordered and I CAN'T wait for its arrival. I know it's going to be a gem! Congratulations!


Congratulation Kathy - so excited for you. The book looks gorgeous and can't wait to get my own copy. It's wonderful that you and John are able to work together on this project - very special.


Hopped straight to your order page! I'm really looking forward to it!


Congratulations Kathy!!! Am so excited and can't wait to get the new book!!!

Barbara Craxton

So excited! My postman is going to wonder why I'm greeting him at the door every day. Vancouver.. that's about 10 sleeps give or take.


How Exciting -- Congratulations Kathy! Is there any chance I'll see this book at quilt market next week? I LOVE those Wheel of Fortune blocks. Your book looks like a MUST have!


Yay!!! I've got my order in, I'll be checking my mailbox every day!


Congratulations Kathy! I am sure this book will be one of my favourites and I hope it will be available in germany soon. Can´t wait to read it!:-)


Congrats Kathy! I am so looking forward to getting your new book
i know its been a labor of love , I know there are a few quilts I am excited about making . Hope the book is available in the USA very soon.....

Judy Murdoch


What a wonderful day for you and your husband, congratulations to you both on the book, I'm excited too, I have one on order and I feel like jumping up and down with joy, I look forward very much to it's arrival. Wishing you super success with sales of your creative endeavour.

Peggy Holt

Kathy, congratulations on your book; what an exciting time. Having just gone through the process myself, I totally understand what you have been going through. I look forward to seeing your book here on the shelves in the USA

Sue Sally

Congratulations Kathy, just wondering where and when we will get it in Canada ? Can't wait to see it.
Sue Sally


Congratulations on your latest edition Kathy - no small feat! After I mentioned Material Obsession 2 on my blog one of my sisters and a friend had to add it to their collections and I have no doubt that this one will be the same. Can't wait to spend hours with it and see where your inspiration takes me.


Congratulations on 22 wonderful years with your husband. And to get to work with him on your new book. What a great thing. I can't wait to get the book. His photos of your trip to France were wonderful.


congratulations Kathy! It looks wonderful. I look forward to catching up with you in Wellington soon; I'm enrolled in your hand-quilting class :)

Kim McLean

Well done Kathy!! Must have one! Kim Mclean

Bricolos du Lundi

I confirm ! This book is great ! I bought it at Nantes show and I keep dreaming on some patterns ...


I'll be adding it to my collection as well. I can't wait to see it.


I have the book and it's AMAZING, thanks for signing it in Nantes
Now all I have to do is saving money and bring the quilts I made to your place so that you can see them for real, anyway I promised to show up one day and then I stay for a whole while for classes, ;o))))


I received my book this morning- congratulations Kathy, very inspiring. I can't wait to get started on the quilts in this book. I especially love the country settings of the photos, this is truly a book about Aussie quilting!


Hi Kathy -- Cannot wait to see the book! I just want to tell you that I am waiting to order until we've got an address in Canada -- the timing is too tight and I'm afraid that if I order now, the book will miss me in Switzerland and I'll never get it. Congratulations! I'm sure it's absolutely fab:)

Bonnie Flint

Hi Kathy, Congratulations on your amazing new book. It is so inspiring! I received my copy on Friday and I love it!
Many thanks

Deb R

Congratulations, it looks wonderful, eagerly awaiting mine...hello Mr Postman :)

Brandy M.

I just purchased this book yesterday, and I'm IN LOVE!!! Congratulations on yet another wonderful book and on your 22+ years in Australia!

BLM :)

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