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Wednesday, 24 October 2012



talk about inspiration!! love all of them


I check in once or twice a week for both inspiration and motivation. I so enjoy your blog and your quilts and I own two of your books. So thankful you do all you do and share it with those of us not fortunate enough to personally experience MO.


Kathy you are so inspirational and your enthusiasm is very motivating. If I lived in Sydney I would be able to enjoy your shop.


You are amazing and the biggest innovator in modern quilting. You are creating such new and different quilts - all that I love!!!! I have not seen anything close to it!

Trish Sweeney

Kathy, carry on being you. You are a breath of fresh air in the quilting community. Love the blog, love the shop, wish I lived in Sydney so I could attend all those yummy classes. Meanwhile I am content to start my glorious BOM, the first package arrived today, what joy!!


Kathy. Stay just the way you are. You are a breath of fresh air in the quilting world. Love the website, love the blog and love the shop. Just wish I lived in Sydney so I could attend the yummy classes! I will have to content myself with my BOM the first package arrived today....such joy!!


Kathy, I check your blog every day - I have withdrawal symptoms if you don't blog! Sorry about the pressure. Your blog is informative, inspirational and exciting, and I thank you so much.


Hey Kathy, the MO blog is one of my joys. Thanks for the 'stretch', the colour and the sharing. I also appreciate the frequency of your posts. Something really delicious every few days. It's a delightful prospect.


well i find you and the blog inspiring ... so much so i am booked in for your technique workshops in Adelaide... can't wait,, only problem i can't decide which fabrics to bring


Ooops, so sorry, I was not aware that my first comment had been posted. Feels a bit like Ground Hog day!

Shirley Sherratt

If I need cheering up or need inspiration then MO is where I head off to. There is always something amazing to look at and I actually read what you put and not just look at the pictures. Don't listen to the negativity, carry on what you are doing because you do it brilliantly. I live in the wrong part of the world otherwise I would be in your shop and in your classes without a doubt.

Lorraine Gray

Thanks Kathy
I love helping help whether it is quilting or Mathematics (which I am trained as a teacher.... ) But sometimes I wonder if I should help is just in my nature ...I laugh and talk at quilt meetings or at other groups I go to. Sometimes I say to my self I will be quiet to day never happens. I think maybe I'm to over the top. But nobody says anything, they come to me for help .... So I just wonder about being quiet .....your thoughts today are well placed for me at this time ...thank you
Keep up the good work ...I love it ...and give me a lot of inspiration
Blueys Beach


Ooooh, just look at the gorgeous quilts on your blog today and always. I just get such a thrill every time I check in. Love you and hearing about your life and family!


I don't have you on my blog log, I have you bookmarked and save your posts for days at work when I feel overwhelmed or frustrated or just completely under appreciated and i ALWAYS feel better after reading your blog. I like how your blog mixes your shop, your kids, your life and I enjoy that you share your personal thoughts. Keep up the inspirational writings and fabulous "out of my box" pictures of creative genius that comes from your shop!


I love reading your blog and check daily to see if you have written. You inspire me with your approach to your life as it echoes my, creativity, work, and play ...juggling these with love, and an innate energy.
All your books are also in my collection.
Go, Kathy, go! As Dr Suess would say...

Kim McLean

Love your blog Kathy, enjoyed reading it!
love those flowers on the Reece shot cotton background, K

Bernadette Hogan

I have your blog bookmarked and I so look forward to it. I just love to read your comments on fabric,creativity, family,and life in general. Your blog is made so enjoyable by your great writing style. You inspire and motivate me and many others. Keep up the good work.


Kathy, Is Sue Cody Gelato quilt a BOM or do you sell the pattern? It is really gorgeous. Thanks.


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