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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Jess Wheelahan

I love reading your blog Kathy and today was no exception. What a beautiful new quilt, thankyou for sharing your design process!


Wow! So brave to start cutting into these gorgeous fabrics without knowing exactly how they will come together, but come together they did! Wonderful!

lori platt

Wonderful, wonderful! Love your writings and definitely love the colors :-) I, too, am so glad you share your design thoughts:-)

and...ooooh...such wonderful fabric....just drooling over here:-)

Laurie in Iowa

Love your quilt and thanks for sharing your process.


Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous quilt! I'm always so inspired by you and this is no exception. Thanks for the giveaway!

Kim McPeake

Love your quilt and the colors.

Kathy E.

Beyond words - just a beautiful quilt! Love it! Your posts make my day every time! Thanks Kathy!


Wonderful fabrics and a beautiful quilt Kathy, so much inspiration!


Kathy, you have an wonderful design aesthetic that connects with those fabrics to make something wonderful!


Inspiring design. Fabulous fabrics..


Loved your process. Thanks for sharing.

I love Anna Maria Horner's prints, too! She uses color in such beautiful and unexpected ways.

Lyn Clark

Kathy, this is a beautifully colourful quilt. The range of fabrics is amazing. Thank you for a chance in the giveaway.

Caro S

Oh my, what a treat it would be to win!

roberta sanderson

Thanks for your great comments on colour, I can really understand what you mean about the mix of brights and earthy tones. Perhaps thats why I have always loved AMH fabrics! Your quilt looks amazing.

Hayley Stephens

What a gorgeous design, she definately has an eye for colour! hayleymstephens at gmail dot com


I am so desiring some AMH to play with - I'd probably be to scared to cut into it though. LOL. Thanks for the chance.

Tyler F

Love those fabrics and love your design. Great job!!!!

linda kuhlman

Color is my favorite thing to work with - ALL colors!!!! Love all yours and what you did with the triangles and color.

Connie Martin

How did you know I was singing "True Colors"? :) I love those bright colors and would love to win them.


Such sophisticated colour ranges...wouldn"t it be wonderful to create with these! Thanks for the chance.


I love the colors and the quilt design! And the backing is fabulous :)

Lorraine Gray

Kathy I love reading your blogs you know. But I love how you teach us to look outside the square... This one on colour is great
Thank you again

Nancy A

Kathy - I read your blog because you constantly challenge me to stop being so conservative in my color choices. I am such a traditionalist! I'm not sure I can ever be as bold (wild?) as you and your shop magicians, but I find I like being pushed into unknown territory!

Jane S.

Anna's one of my favorites too! Those colors are so rich and saturated. :)


Lovely! I do like a good Anna Maria Horner print.

Tina C

I've seen the line online but haven't seen a project made out of it until today! It looks great! How fun it would be to win that! I've become a big fan of Anna Maria Horner.

Cathy Hetzel

Love your blog......Love your that quilt...

Justine Semple

Spectacular and as per usual you have got me thinking about possibilities on the design wall - Thank -you !!


Its a gorgeous range and the colours look like so much fun to work with. I love what you have done with it.


Wow, that quilt is gorgeous! So brave with your color blending.


brilliant concept, brilliant colour, brilliant stars. As always i love your bravery in combining such bold fabrics. They always work so well.

Cissa K

Another great quilt. Love your use of the fabrics. It was fun to see your creative process to design this quilt.


Nothing more exciting than leaping in and letting the colours sweep you away. The thought of working with those fabrics make my fingers tingle with excitement!


Stunning quilt and stunning blog. I appreciate the effort you put into your words and photos. I know it isn't a 5 minute job but somehow you find the time and enthusiasm to do it along with quilting and managing a shop. Perhaps you know the true secret to running your own business.


Your quilt is beautiful. I loved seeing it come together in your pictures rather than just one end shot. It is really stunning. I love this True Colors idea too. Basic, but not really….




Your stars quilt is stunning! Thank you for the giveaway, and the inspiration!


I have enjoyed seeing these lines. I really enjoyed seeing your process and the stunning results. Epic! and yes, so BRAVE.

Rachael Castillo

So gorgeous...would love to win!

Wendy Welsh

I'd love to make something with these fabrics. thanks for the opportunity.


How vibrant and magical the true colours are. These colours and patterns twinkle to the eye, enticing you to create.


Wonderfully colourful!! If you'd shown just the quilt I would have loved it but love it all the more because you have explained the process … please keep giving us more inspiration.


I'm new here but learned so much from this post. It's quite clear that you are an expert and enjoy sharing your great knowledge! And, your quilt is sensational!


Just gorgeous colour! The fabrics fill your brief most definitely, light and shadow, intense and earthy. Bet your creative brain was buzzing! Love the project!

Michelle Olsen

Such a gorgeous quilt! I've never worked with triangles that aren't HSTs, but your quilt makes me want to!


What a fantastic use of the true colours range. I have had that range and the dowry sitting on my sewing table for the past few weeks and everyday I seem to come up with another way to use them, but with so many ideas I've ended up doing nothing. My goal this week is to use some of Anna Maria's true colours in something - even just a little bit in some children's clothes I'm making. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bronwen Cox

Walking into the shop and reading your blog always moves me to get to work cutting and sewing with masses of colourful fabrics like these. They have such a joyful feel about them. Thanks for the ideas and energy that you inspire!


I would love to have the opportunity to visit your shop someday! We just don't have a quilt shop that stocks the kinds of fabrics you love to play with around here. LOVE your new project! It's gorgeous.:)


I certainly can't imagine living in a black and white world! I sure do remember seeing colour TV for the first time!


Wow, what an amazing quilt, love it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward to working with True Colors.


What happy, glorious colours to finish off the first month of 2014 and inspire us as we head into the serious quilting if the year :-)

Sandra Paschkow

Thanks for the colour lesson, as always you explain it beautifully. Your quilt is divine, a festival of colour, shape & style. You are an inspiration to all to just 'give it a go.' Sandra P


I love your quilt and think the fabrics are gorgeous; they are such vibrant colours. Thanks for sharing the process of putting it all together.

Patricia Davidso

Beautiful fabrics in your newest quilt. Love the colors!


Love those luscious colors! Thanks for the giveaway :)


This post is great. Love the process pictures and the final end. Got me thinking ------ there must be a new book here someplace SOON. In the mean time sign me in for a pack or a roll. Thanks.

Love your blog kathy. Love the new colours range and can't wait to get my hands on a wandering mind


Beautiful!! Such colour inspiration from my very favourite designer-- and put together in such a lovely way! Love

Karen @ littlebirdiequilting

what a great design, using a basic triangle shape. Love it.


Wow, what a burst of colour. Your quilt is so beautiful, true eye candy! Thanks for the chance to win. Therese.

teresa c

nna Maria Horner is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. As a new quilter sometimes get overwhelmed by choices, and having a secure - a true - value is priceless!


so creative and alive.Love your work!! Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win some colourful fabric!!!


Craving cool colours from you Kathy!


What a great quilt! Love the colors! Thanks for the chance.

Joyce Mitchell

Beautiful quilt - thanks for sharing & thanks for the chance to win.

Arianna M.

These fabrics are amazing, and your quilt is beautiful! Great job!


Hehe I just made a song quilt called 'bohemian like you'. I am much more interested in colours than anything else when I'm quilting so this line is perfect to me x


Lovely quilt inspiration now to have some fun with the fabric, if I won.


What a wonderful quilt! I have always loved working with triangles and these colors and your design work together so well!

Marilyn Ruvolo

Great post and the quilt is just gorgeous. Thanks for the
chance to win . Never can have too much of this fabric line.

Erin Krill

These fabrics are gorgeous! So bright and cheery! I would love to have them in my stash to play with.


oh, such a wonderful and bright quilt! It really makes me smile and remember some blissful moments in my live (somehow colour coded... ;) )

I would be delighted to play with these fabrics...


emily willingham

beautiful quilt. loving these colors!

Sandy K

Amazing quilt. Thanks for sharing.

Vicki H

Love the colors, the quilt is very striking.

Jessica Lane

Beautiful! I love that you used the larger triangles for the bigger prints~ and the vision in tying the all together~ Love It!


I share your angst driven reaction to yellow - I'm trying to overcome it, but it's not easy. Lovely quilt top you've come up with.

Debby E

Wow! What great colors - What a great design. I'm loving ALL these True Colors - and the blog giveaway too!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win. ;)
samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

Carrie P.

WOW! what an intricate quilt. the fabrics work perfectly for your quilt. thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.


Your quilts are amazing! I'm glad I stopped by, I will be following!


A quilter after my own heart! I love making quilts with triangles. Thank you for sharing it!

Kathy C

Beautiful colours! They are perfect for a little "C'mon Spring!" inspiration. :)

Tonya Stewart

OOOOOHHHHH! The colors really come to life with the stars!!! Love it! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


Wow. What a gorgeous quilt. I am so excited to be able to get this fabric collection. I just love these amazing colors.

Jenni E

Holy moly! That is one gorgeous quilt. Wow. Wonderful colors!

Rosemary Rivas

Wow! Color, color everywhere. We have stars in our eyes, what else will inspire us, the moon?


All I can say is: LOVE!


What a beautiful quilt. I love the colors and the unique design.

pam w

love the quilt you are working on with these fabrics.

Kimberly Heary

thanks for sharing your quilt--its this and all Anna's fabrics :0

Ben D

I enjoyed seeing your process, and the end result is wonderful.


The colors are amazing and the quilt Wow! Love it all!

Lauren aka Giddy99

LOVE LOVE LOVE the True Colors, especially the AMH and Joel Dewberry ones. I love your quilt, too!

Margaret Schindler

Wow I learned so much in this post about color. I have always been a matching color coordinating color person until I see all these bright colors. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

Deborah M

Beautiful use of these fabrics...inspiring! I like to combine traditional and modern as well. There would be no modern without the traditional beginnings...

Carol Gillen

I want to be brave enough to put colors together that way! Well done! thank you for the giveaway!

Christine Zigler

I love what you did with the collection. It's nice to see bright quilts.

Melissa Quinn

Love this fabric. Thank you so much for the chance. You've given us a lot of great ideas.

Tina Short

Stunning fabric, a simple shape turned into a really amazing desigm. You insire us all.

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