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Monday, 31 March 2014



Your post made me smile tonight, Kathy. I often think of 'those green pants' after I've had an 'unanticipated' good experience!
What a wonderful variety of wedge blocks. Your photos always get my creative wheels turning ~ thanks!


It looks as if you had a really fun weekend, gorgeous fabrics and blocks.
Rather than define myself as either a
"traditional" or "modern" quilter I prefer to call myself an Eclectic quilter as I think that covers everything :)

Amanda Bergamin

I think it better not to pigeonhole ourselves. I am drawn to Modern Quilts the same way I am drawn to traditional quilts with an eye to the colour and the workmanship. Sounds like we are all Modern Quilters from what you discovered.


Firstly, I can't find you on Instagram! Are you sure that's your username? (I'm @buttontreelane so add me and I'll add you back)

Secondly, the modern quilting movement is moving forward at a rapid rate. It's so good to to watch and be involved with as it develops. Canberrra Quilters formed a modern quilting group which meets monthly, in May 2012. It's been getting bigger and bigger since - last meeting I think we had 36 members attend. It's been so wonderful to see this group develop.


Thanks again for such a wonderful workshop Kathy. Learning options with wedges was wonderful, having you share your experience with colour and contrast was amazing, but your encouragement and wisdom is the real inspiration I will take from this past weekend.

Oh and instagram lesson #4 - to share your username write it as @matobsgirl (you're missing the 's', the @ symbol in front means it's a username).

Margaret Ross

Looks like you all had a great weekend. Looking forward to the next workshop and oh! I love your new fabric line Kathy - can't wait to use it.


Found you on Instagram thanks to so e of the comments above lol! Great post, I often ponder wether I am a modern quilter or not!


Hi Katy I stopped by your blog for a look, and saw your post on what is modern..I have been quilting since 1985 and even then there people who separated themselves as "modern" . Nancy Crow comes to mind .
I went to my local quilt shop and asked the lady for the modern fabrics , she pointed me in a direction. Then I asked her for her Civil War
collection to which she also said " I hope you are not putting them all in the same quilt" . WOW !!To me that is modern to mix to do as I please. But she said OH NO!! Modern is a style , not progressive thinking !!!! hahahahaha

Penny R

I have always thought of you as a modern quilter. I have followed you since your first book came out.

Peggy Holt

Oh how I wish I could play with you...

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