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Monday, 12 September 2016


Mrs. Plum

Thanks for a great list! I could certainly stand to be more mindful and finish what I start.

Gail Holtan

Looks like you have a handle on Mindfulness.


I think we are related!


You are wonderful, and wildly creative, just the way you are. We can all use more mindfulness. That's for sure. Your list is golden. I should print it out on paste it on the bathroom mirror.. Also, did you know that people who are more distracted (like ADD) often have higher creativity scores? It's because they have more going on in their minds, which leads to making more connections, which equals creativity. So, not to discourage you, but...

I'll be at festival this year and will look for you!

Susie Q

#3 sure rocks my boat. I usually stop something when I can see it is not going to be what I had hoped. Be that as it may, if I would just finish it then I would not have think about finishing it, or making time to finish it or wish it was finished.

So ask yourself why you don't complete tasks? And then face up to the answer.

Janet Storton

You are speaking right to my heart! Recovering from a journey with breast cancer, (as you and I share) helps put life into perspective. Yet I need your list and will try to implement the best I can. At times I feel I have to take on every new project that comes my way, raise money for our foundation in Uganda, and spend as many moments in the day loving on my family as if this might be my last. Your comments tell me to just learn how to breathe!

Karen Mason

Thanks for the link to the article, I can see the need to question Lefty's interpretation of events. I tend to be "paralyzed", not knowing which way to go rather than having so many directions to choose for like you do. Still most of the things on your list (except maybe taking time to sit still) can help me live a fuller life. You are so generous with your thoughts.

Sue Winn

I so appreciate this posting. I have been struggling for the last several years with my place in my little world of marriage and all the external pressures. I value all that you said and have been trying to be thankful for all the little things that make up our days. Thank you for putting your thoughts in writing.

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