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Thursday, 19 October 2017



I’ve just added this book to my Christmas wish list - it looks wonderful! I don’t usually do improv, as I like order and planning too much, but the finished blocks look to have such uniformity and symmetry that it makes me feel this book could be my route in! The finished designs you’ve shared all remind me of beautiful woven fabrics.

(Ps. Don’t worry about adding me to the draw as I really love having hard copies of books, but I just wanted to say how inspiring it looks to be)! x


This looks like an amazing book. I have been following Maria's work for a while and she has so much to teach!

Mary D

I love Maria Shell's work. Her tiny piecing art works thrill me. This books looks like an interesting collection of Maria's works to swoon over.

tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sally Warren

I have heard about her work and her book. I would love to win a copy of Maria Shell's book! I always enjoy your books too, Kathy!


Nice quilts. Darlene [email protected]

Diane Muldoon

sounds exciting


I already bought the book. It is as good as you say - filled with process and glorious examples.

la tulipe

The book of Maria Shell could be a nice gift for Christmas, but if I win it :-) I could ask another gift!!!

Peggy Holt

Sounds like the kind of book I keep looking for (and trying to write). I don't need project books; techniques and inspiration books are the only ones I even consider buying anymore. I'll be checking out Maria.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Beautiful work!! That Big Rad Plaid looks like a quilt I need to try.

Sheilagh Marshall

I need this book! I am so not good at improvisation! I can follow a pattern, but need to find my inner creativity!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I would love to win this book.


Wow great introduction to a new to me Quilt artist! Thanks would love this book

Kathy E.

Improv is my favorite technique in quilting! I can't get enough of it! Those dots and plaid designs are really calling to me to I want to create them. I love color and whatever improv offers...this book is full of inspiration!

Suzi in MI

This looks like an awesome book!

Sharon Renick

I hope I win this, (and thank you kindly for the chance!), but if I don't, I'll surely be buying one! I'm so looking forward to it. It will be the next best thing to attending a workshop with Maria!

Marla Varner

I am eagerly awaiting my copy of the book to arrive on Monday. I am a long time fan of Maria, her work and her blog posts. I have been fortunate to attend her workshops and she is an excellent teacher, too. If I win a copy, I would love to gift it to a friend.

Rose Pelfrey

This looks like a book i could read and enjoy! Definitely adding to my wish list! Would love to attend a workshop.

Kim G

I took a class yesterday with Maria! Not only is she an innovative quilter, she is also an awesome teacher. I would love to win her book . Thank you for the chance to win!

Wendy Hill

Thank you for great description of Maria's book and the importance of "intent"! As you say, no matter the style or maker process, without intent and without evaluation, we are lost. I'd love to win this book.

Janne Williams

Thanks for a chance to win Kathy! If I don't, then I'll have another excuse to pop over to your gorgeous shop, buy a copy, plus more fabric and say hi.


I love the idea of this organized book. Have been working improv but more inspiration is always a good thing. I'd love to visit you, a very long way from Canada!

Emma kemmis

I have been following this blog hop, the more I read the more I need this book!


Fun fun fun.

Jayne P

This looks like a great book. So happy to be in with a chance to win

Gwen Hanvy

So happy to see you blogging again, you are an inspiration.

Sandra Lee Ellison

I am excited about this book, primarily because it is not a "project" book. I've followed Maria's work for a while and look forward to gleaning ideas from her book. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


Looks like a wonderful book, can't wait to see it.


Love technique books.


I live on the east coast of Canada but visited Australia last February and March. I did have an opportunity to visit Material Obsessions but sadly, my information provided me with your old address.. However, I had a lovely chat with some ladies at the bakeshop nearby and my husband and I purchased a delicious picnic lunch from them that we ate on the pier near the Sydney Opera House..Sad to miss seeing your shop, but a great day nonetheless.


This books looks so fun and filled with inspiration...I love colours!

Susan Spiers

What a different & interesting book! I love the rad plaid too - how exciting to make printed fabric from solids & the quilting techniques used to achieve this wonderful look! Thank you, Susan


This book looks chock full of quilting goodness!


I love Maria's work. Her book looks great!


I'm so looking forward to seeing this book in person! Maria is incredibly talented.:)


This is a must have! I love her "made" patterns. Inspiring!

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