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Monday, 30 July 2018


Barbara Black

I have been eagerly awaiting your show on TQS. Love your use of such bold prints and colors! Great show, now eager to see the next one.

Eileen Keane

I just watched your show, and I love the wedge quilt! I am more of an applique person, but I think piecing with your wedge and then stitching it down combines the best of both worlds. I've loved your color sense for quite a while, and I may just go off a cliff myself.
Congratulations on a great show!

Anne B.

Really enjoyed the energy and colour in your work both in the show and your books. Will have to visit when in your neck of the woods! keep up the inspirational work.

Nancy MacIntosh

Your show was such fun. I visited your shop a few years ago and loved the energy and the welcome I got as a visiting Canadian. At that time I saw the colours and combinations and it has inspired me ever since and put me on a journey of colour and working outside the box. Thank you.

Helen S.

I love your color combos and all of your work that I've seen in books. The Quilt Show was nearly overwhelming me with creative ideas.Most of my quilting friends do regular blocks and have perfectly lovely quilts.I have always been a bit different with color usage and and think your work has allowed me a different direction!

Janice E.

From the very first time I looked through your book "Material Obsession", I have been drawn to your work and choice of colors. Thanks for keeping the inspiration going. Everything is marvelous!


You said something on the Quilt Show that really impacted me...."I don't make prize winning quilts"....too often I compare myself with quilters who are prize winners....I like the way I quilt which is very improvisational and scrappy....I guess I want others to "get" what I'm trying to say in my quilts but I feel that they gravitate toward the other more "perfect" quilts....I'm going to keep on doing what I do and you helped me to validate that...
I saw you at Empty Spools this year wearing a crown for your birthday!!!

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